Cinderella Hair Extensions


We began with an organic bond that resembles human hair and when attached and removed, no damage occurs. For many years, stylists and clients raved about their results and satisfaction by using our organic bond extensions, but some wanted to offer different types of applications and still have the same quality of hair Cinderella Hair offers. 


Great Lengths Hair Extensions 

Our extensions add length and volume.
Creating the perfect frame to highlight your pretty face.
And the skillful casual cut certainly helps to achieve this overall effect of natural beauty.

Guaranteed to have the right thing for every woman: Great Lengths stocks all natural shades in the highest quality, from light to dark blonde, various shades of brown, red and of course black. The bold colors brilliantly ensure the perfect shade of hair and allow all hair extensions or thickening to shine in a new light.


EasiHair Pro Tape In Extensions 


We are dedicated to offering tape in hair extensions of the highest quality to salon professionals. Easihair pro is well known for our impressive tape in hair extensions which offer a semi-permanent solution for women looking to add volume and length into their hair. Our tape in hair extensions are a popular option that will give your clients the thick, lustrous look they want in their hair. All of our hair extensions are made with 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair. This makes it easy for both stylists and their clients to style and maintain.

Our beautiful tape in hair extensions are the perfect option for any women looking to add volume or length to their natural hair. Our tape extensions are highly versatile and your clients will love the way that they look with any hairstyle. Top stylists love using our extensions since they are easy to apply and look amazing in any woman’s hair.